I have known Leah since perhaps early 2007.  At the time I met her, I was severely depressed and had lost my self-respect, interest in life, and desire to grow.  Along with other healers, Leah treated me first with massage and Reiki, nutritional assistance and coaching, and most of all an incredible level of intuitive kindness. Leah helped to guide me back into a world in which I could thrive.  Early on, I joined a women’s group she leads – all of us had been in abusive relationships.  We are still going strong, and have become strong ourselves.  We love each other, share, and continue to learn and grow under Leah’s skillful guidance.  Over the years, Leah has introduced me to many healing/counseling modalities, most recently to the Aroma Freedom Technique.  I’ve found that the use of therapeutic grade essential oils has greatly improved my well-being, and, in particular, Leah’s use of them for emotional healing has produced surprising and wonderful results. AS

I don’t know where to begin to describe the impact that Leah has had on my life.  She has been there for me in many different roles along my path – from therapist, to women’s support group leader, and mentor. Over the years, she has introduced me to many different modalities – always sensitively supporting me with the perfect tool at the perfect time.  Her kindness, intuition and authenticity are unsurpassed, and I owe my happiness and peace, in large measure, to her gentle heart and insightful guidance. I am blessed to have had her by my side on my journey. Thank you, Leah  Linda T

The very first thing I noticed when I met Leah, was all the positive energy surrounding her. She has a gigantic heart and is an inspiration in every possible way. I am grateful for her open mind and vast knowledge of many types of therapies. She has taught me new ways of creating what I need in my life and how to avoid old thought patterns. The quality of my life is infinitely better thanks to working with her. Thank you Leah.”  RR

Leah is a wonderful teacher and practitioner! She has been so helpful to me over the years, and with AFT things have become even more possible than I’ve ever imagined! AFT is a very powerful modality, and with a teacher like Leah you’re sure to see its benefits! AM

Leah Rubba-Lazarus is a remarkably-insightful, gentle and kind therapist who is able to utilize a wide range of healing techniques based on her clients’ needs.  Highly-skilled as a traditional therapist who listens and asks questions when that type of therapy is required, she is also an highly-intuitive “spiritual” therapist who works with energies, crystals, aromatherapy and other alternative healing approaches when that type of healing is sought.  I have known her, and worked with her in many ways, for about ten years and I do not hesitate to refer to her anyone, including my own family members and friends, looking for emotional, mental or other healing.  Working with Leah has changed my life in countless ways allowing me greater peace, confidence and optimism, and I will forever be grateful to her for her compassion and competence.  Thank you, Leah.  TL 

What Other Professionals Are Saying About Leah:

Having facilitated workshops with Leah, I know first hand she is an amazing workshop facilitator and emotional “coach.” Leah has a rare combination of heart, soul, and intellect which serves her clients and her community so well! Thank you for doing such awesome work, Leah! Betsy Fernbach, Psy.D., Psychotherapist 

 Leah is a master teacher and the Aroma Freedom Technique is a powerful technique!  Leah has assisted me and many others in working through an issue with this modality. Practitioners, you may choose to add this technique to your own tool box to assist your clients. Katherine Nuyens, MA, CHT, CST 

Leah is a kind, wise and beautiful Soul and I am sure that anyone who resonates with this course will love her and her teachings! Heather Schroeder Harbaugh, Level 2 Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner 

Leah is my favorite therapist! I recommend anything she does!!!!! Robin Bilizarian, LCSW, Psychotherapist and Author of Emotional Smarts 

It’s was a great AFT presentation!  Leah Rubba Lazarus shared how this revolutionary new modality is helping people to release blocks & limiting beliefs through the healing power of intention & using therapeutic grade essential oils . The event was well attended & people were amazed at how simple & effective this process is. The energy in the room became very expansive … it was a peak experience day! Nick Johnson,  Certified Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner 

Leah just presented an amazing workshop at Joyful-Gathering-Spiritual-Center, and we had a record attendance! She is an incredible facilitator, and many people experienced profound shifts in their thinking! Rev. Margaret Mc Carthy Palagye 

I have known Leah for over 25 years and know her as a kind, compassionate and caring person.  She continues to impress me with her thirst for learning new cutting edge techniques to help clients make rapid shifts in their lives. The combination of  her warmth, compassion, wisdom and skill in a variety of modalities make a winning combination.  I consider Leah to be a true asset to our profession and have referred many people to her throughout the years!  Adele Greenhaus, LCSW, Psychotherapist

What Other Professionals Are Saying About The Aroma Freedom Technique::

I highly recommend the Aroma Freedom Technique!! AFT is AMAZING – works so quickly to clear blocks – it is astonishing the clarity that rises so quickly within ones own mind. No greater trainer/therapist than Leah Rubba-Lazarus to lead the way for learning this self-help modality! MC

AFT is by far the most efficient “shift” process I have encountered! I love it! Leah’s easy teaching style made learning fun and allowed my learning style to get it and feel confident in continuing to use AFT in my professional practice. Melody M

Leah is an amazing and committed teacher – this is a special opportunity to attend an in-person certification. There will be lots of personal as well as professional growth – this is not to be missed! Dr. Benjamin Perkus, Founder of the Aroma Freedom Technique .

AFT is life changing technique! I have read many self help books and engaged in various forms of therapy over the years, but AFT really works! DL