I began my long career in the healing professions as a social worker in a state psychiatric hospital.  After 5 years the unit I worked in closed and I took a position as the Director of Social Work in a general medical hospital.  For the next 10 years I loved working with patients and their families, supervising a staff of 7 and being a part of a multi-disciplinary team in a health care setting. However, when the mission of hospital social work departments changed dramatically, my heart told me that I must move on.

Having always been holistically oriented, I was called to do something completely different for a while – something that would promote healing of the mind, body and spirit in a whole new capacity.  I studied aromatherapy, massage therapy and various forms of energy work and I became a Level 2 Reiki practitioner. I then opened and maintained a massage and energy work practice for the next several years. However as much as I loved this work, my heart still wanted more.

I decided to take a position as an on-site Employee Assistance counselor at Cigna’s World Headquarters in Philadelphia. This position afforded me the opportunity to work within a corporate setting providing individual and group therapy.  Helping employees to deal with work-related stress was a major focus, but not the only focus. I taught lunch and learn workshops on many topics, as well as a variety of management trainings. I also became a sought after speaking in the community, as well as a contributor to a local newspaper.

After 2 years as an Employee Assistance Counselor, my path forward became crystal clear.  My next move was to an outpatient mental health center where I could prepare myself for the opening of my own private psychotherapy practice.  I soon knew that the variety of both clinical and administrative positions that I had held in both in-patient and out-patient settings had prepared me to deal with almost every type of problem that I might encounter. I was ready to spread my wings and go it alone.

I have since maintained a private psychotherapy practice for the past 27 years.  It has truly been one of the greatest blessings of my life to guide, support and empower my clients through the challenges that they face navigating their life’s journey.

My approach to psychotherapy has always been eclectic and holistic. Building upon traditional psychotherapeutic theories and interventions, I received training and certification in a vast array of energy psychology techniques in order to support deeper levels of healing of the mind, body and spirit. The trainings that I have received include, but are not limited to: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Psych-K, Meridian Tapping, Theta Healing, The Emotion Code, Access Consciousness and Mindfulness Techniques. I have also always sought to integrate a spiritual perspective in my work with clients, striving to uplift them with faith that there is always a light on the other side of darkness and freedom and greatness on the other side of fear.

Most recently I received training in a ground-breaking new modality called the Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT).  This powerful technique integrates sound psychological principles, energy psychology techniques and therapeutic grade essential oils to help people release the blocks that are preventing them from achieving greater freedom and fulfillment in their lives. Due to the power and efficiency of this modality, I chose to become a Level 2 Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner and Trainer. I am now on a mission to share and teach AFT to as many people as I can. I see this as my way of contributing to greater peace and harmony in this world, by helping to heal and empower one person, one group, one class at a time.

If what I have shared about the work that I do resonates with you, I would be honored to support you on your journey towards more radiant well-being.  I am available for in-person sessions in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and for telephone and on-line zoom sessions for people from other areas of the world.  If you are seeking change in your life, then let’s begin to explore what else is possible!

I wish you Infinite Blessings of Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance!!!

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