I believe that at the core of our being, we are all deserving of radiant health, joy, love and abundance.  However, due to our experiences growing up in this world most of us carry emotional pain and have developed limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer serve us. Despite our best efforts and conscious intentions, our subconscious programming not only effects how we feel, but the choices that we make as we navigate our way in this lifetime. The wonderful news is that our unresolved emotions and old conditioned beliefs and behavioral patterns can be rapidly and effectively released and more life affirming beliefs and behavioral patterns re-programmed with the assistance of mindfulness practices and energy psychology techniques.

I am a certified life coach and a licensed clinical social worker with over 27 years of experience in private practice. My life’s work has been dedicated to empowering people to transform the blocks that have prevented them from living a life that is in greater alignment with their deepest desires and fullest potential. Helping people to recognize their intrinsic value, and to learn how to love and accept themselves moment to moment, knowing that life is always unfolding for our highest and best good even when the circumstances of our lives do not seem to reflect that, is central to all that I do.

I have known Leah since perhaps early 2007.  At the time I met her, I was severely depressed and had lost my self-respect, interest in life, and desire to grow.  Along with other healers, Leah treated me first with massage and Reiki, nutritional assistance and coaching, and most of all an incredible level of intuitive kindness. Leah helped to guide me back into a world in which I could thrive.  Early on, I joined a women’s group she leads – all of us had been in abusive relationships.  We are still going strong, and have become strong ourselves.  We love each other, share, and continue to learn and grow under Leah’s skillful guidance.  Over the years, Leah has introduced me to many healing/counseling modalities, most recently to the Aroma Freedom Technique.  I’ve found that the use of therapeutic grade essential oils has greatly improved my well-being, and, in particular, Leah’s use of them for emotional healing has produced surprising and wonderful results. AS

I don’t know where to begin to describe the impact that Leah has had on my life.  She has been there for me in many different roles along my path – from therapist, to women’s support group leader, and mentor. Over the years, she has introduced me to many different modalities – always sensitively supporting me with the perfect tool at the perfect time.  Her kindness, intuition and authenticity are unsurpassed, and I owe my happiness and peace, in large measure, to her gentle heart and insightful guidance. I am blessed to have had her by my side on my journey. Thank you, Leah  Linda T

My Path to Well-Being

Growing up I was always sick. I was diagnosed with a spastic colon when I was 11, and got every childhood illness, cold, respiratory condition and flu that came along. As I grew older, I was reluctant to schedule anything, in case I would have to cancel. People who...

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Changing a Habit Takes More Than Willpower

CHANGING A HABIT TAKES MORE THAN WILLPOWER Our conscious mind deals with normal everyday awareness. It is involved in planning, reasoning and helping us to decide what we want more of in life. However, it is very limited and is said to only govern about 5% of what we...

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